The perfect gift for travelers who love the outdoors, movement, nature and who care about their planet!

Giving an experience as a gift means giving value to the time of those we love

It means giving a smile and an unforgettable adventure

It means doing good to the territory and to the planet, because here we leave no traces of our passage

An experience as a present means doing good to those who receive it

If you’re undecided between different experiences, you can purchase a 1 year gift – card, which can be applied as a discount on any experience on the website.
And remember: you only live once: But if you do it right, once is enough 😉

Gift vouchers are the best way to give complete freedom of choice to those who receive your gift!
The amount you choose can be used for the purchase of any experience on the website and will be valid for one year.
Enter your details and you will receive a confirmation email along with the digital Gift – Card to donate whenever you want!