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90€ / per person

Have you ever dreamed of flying?
I have good news for you: man found it out and started flying, just like birds do, in 1985.

Flying with a tandem paraglider (a two seat paraglider) is an exciting experience, but also cool and reassuring. For this reason, it is suitable for young people searching for strong emotions, but also for people that finally can make a dream come true: flying gently like an eagle sustained only by the air’s strength.
Your tandem paraglider will be driven by one of my professional friends who are tandem instructors, and comfortably seated nearby one of them, in a safe environment, you will experience the emotion to fly. You will visit the sky without any noise: only the whisper of the wind around you.
The closest take-off from Milan is Monte Cornizzolo, located at just 15 minutes by car from Lecco. From Milan you can easily reach Lecco in 40 minutes by train.

Price per person: €90 simple or €120 video included.

Day and time availability: to be checked in advance


I’m a pilot too, let’s go flying together.
I organize flytours for paragliding pilots and I’m available as guide as well.
To make the most of your trip you may need a paraglider guide in Lecco. Avoid wasting hours driving around without finding English speakers. Making a wrong decisions means not only a disappointing flying experience, but it can also be dangerous.
I fly pretty much every single day throughout winter and summer. I took my license on these mountains and love paragliding here every single weekend or during the week. If you already know how to fly, we will have fun together!


Sometimes I like to combine my passions, and when I find time to hike up, I love to fly down. There’s nothing better than hike and fly. It makes my flight so satisfactory.


Are you coming to Lake Como or Northern Italy and planning to combine vacation and flying? This is the perfect combination. I’m a tour leader and a paragliding pilot. I organize flytours for pilots and companions who are spending a great holiday time in Italy.

Destination Lecco
Dress Code Confortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes


18+ age

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