55€ / per person

A digital disconnection and inner re-connection experience. An opportunity to find harmony with nature and with ourselves, away from chaos and notifications!

In this experience we will leave our smartphones locked. We will forget about it and we will have the opportunity to live life to 200%. We will carry out some activities dedicated to mental and physical regeneration. We will walk in the woods, finding a deep contact with nature. Our “digital detox” will only be part of the cleansing process.

While our eyes will be far from the screens, lush woods and breathtaking views will calm every cell of our body and we will savor the present moment through some practices of awareness and digital well-being.

We will arrive at a panoramic point, where we will be able to reflect on some strategies to be applied daily for a healthy lifestyle aimed at well-being and stress reduction.

Returning to the starting point we will have the opportunity to taste the goat products of the Deviscio farmhouse, and be pampered by the owner Chiara and her brother Agostino, who take care of this enchanting place every day.

No particular physical preparation will be required for this experience.

Destination Agriturismo Deviscio
Departure time 10.00
Return time 12.30
Dress Code sport outfit and trekking shoes.
Not included Goat cheese tasting (€10)


2,30 hrs
18+ age

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