Hi! My name is Silvia.

I’m a passionate tour leader, sport lover and passionate about the outdoors!
If you don’t know me, here is my story.

Discover my story

I was born and grew up in Lecco, a beautiful city located on the east side of Lake Como, between high rocky mountains and a mirror lake.
At the age of 21, I left Lecco and went to Barcelona with the Erasmus project. There, I experienced living abroad for the very first time, without my mum ready to make up my bed for me in the morning and a nice lunch ready once back from school. I learned the value of money, the sacrifice my parents made to support me and I met so many people from other countries who were very independent. It was then that I realized I was just a spoiled little girl.
Two years later, I went to Guatemala, again with a six-month university exchange program. There was where I learned to appreciate life. I realized I couldn’t take life for granted, because I met people who don’t. There, people live below the poverty threshold: 59% of the Guatemalan population die of malnutrition every year. I’ve learned that a shower takes 3 minutes if you close the water while soaping up. I’ve learned to never leave anything on my plate. I’ve learned to thank Mother Nature every day for being born in Lecco and to be grateful to a wonderful father and mother, who gave me a unique family and allowed me to have incredible experiences around the world.
A few years later, I spent 6 months in Jordan, where I wanted to get fluent in Arabic, a language I have studied for 5 years. There I’ve learned not to be prejudiced against anyone. Not to believe rumors. I’ve learned to listen and ask, while getting informed before judging, without fear towards other human beings. I’ve learned to look at passers-by and smile at them.
Back home it was finally time to get a job, and I got it. A good permanent job, in Sales Management. I rented a place with my boyfriend, Niccolò, who has been by my side since 2013. Everything seemed great from the outside. But I felt something was wrong. I had been working for three years as an employee, with my stomach upset and my head asking me if I was really happy with that life. One night I fell asleep desperately trying to find out how to release my being and my vitality after eight hours spent in the office, and I started thinking about a few years before, when I used to work as a waitress in the evening, just to see people and do as many outdoor activities as possible…whatever made me feel alive!
That period helped me rediscovering my home, my lake, my mountains: I started running in the morning before going to work. I began to appreciate the cold and the magic of the sunrise that illuminates the mountain peaks and then descends down to a mirror lake. After spending 8 hour per day in the office I used to go hiking, walking along some paths near my place, and I climbed right on those peaks that I admired in the morning.
Whenever I happened to have some friends visiting, I couldn’t wait to show them those wonderful places I had grown up in, and the wonder in their eyes gratified me.
One day, at the end of June 2018, I was in the office, at 9 a.m., and I shed tears. Tears of dissatisfaction. Something I had never experienced before. And I realized that something was wrong, and that I didn’t want to spend any further day of my life being unhappy. So, I made a drastic decision: I quit my job. I tried to understand what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted to work with people, spend time outdoors and speak the languages I had studied.
I used to tell people I enjoyed to “bring people around” and I finally discovered there was a job, the “tour leader”, that was exactly what I felt to be born for. Then I realized that what I was looking for really existed, and therefore I could live on what I was passionate about.
I invested some savings to get a trip leader license and since March 2018 I have been doing everything to make my dreams come true.
I started my experience in the tourism industry and now I wake up every morning feeling energetic and vibrant. This is what makes me understand that I am on the right path, and this is what life is worth living for.
I’ve been on tour abroad with many groups of Italians and I’ve guided groups from the US in Northern Italy. I met many people who tried my experiences in 2019 and I hope to continue meeting great people from all around the world.
Living in Lecco is amazing. I strongly believe that Lecco is the ultimate destination for dynamic travelers, who love outdoors activities and nature, who want to experience unique and local adventures, who seek authenticity, and who wish to preserve it consciously.
I’m proud of my city and I know it is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world.
So, I would like to meet you. I would like to know your story while wandering around.

My motto? “Doing good for others as you do well for yourself.”


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